The Bolivians aren’t lovin’ it!

Lovin' it

McDonald's may pop into many people's minds when they can't be bothered to cook and, of course, to do the washing-up. But did you know which South American country was not lovin' it?

In 2002, after only 8 year of operations, McDonald's closed down all restaurants in Bolivia. While the convenience of fast food seems irresistible to the rest of world, the Bolivians were not big fans of McDonald's, which operated on losses in the country every year. One can't help asking, why did Bolivians reject the fast food chain?

In fact, it's got something to do with the country's mindset. The mass production and rapid preparation of food are not favoured by the Bolivians, who prefer food that is healthy and cooked properly. They place great importance on what goes into their stomachs and are conscious of any health risk posed to their bodies. And for them, cheeseburgers just weren’t cutting it.

Yet, there were rumours in 2015 that McDonald's was planning a return. If that's true, let's wait and see if history will repeat itself.

By Man Kit Leong

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