When brands get political to promote gay marriage in Australia

Gay marriage in Australia

Did you know that you can’t get two scoops of the same flavour at Ben & Jerry’s in Australia? The ice cream brand now refuses to serve two scoops of the same flavour until gay marriage in Australia is legalised. Along with this new rule, Ben & Jerry’s is encouraging Australians, 75% of whom are said to be in support of gay marriage, to get in touch with their MPs by giving away free postcards, and to sign a petition.

In a similar fashion, Airbnb created a new campaign with people wearing an incomplete ring, to symbolise the gap in marriage equality Down Under. The ring, which is called “The Acceptance Ring”, is meant to show support for those who cannot marry yet, and is engraved with the words “Until We All Belong”, which is also the name of the campaign. This ad fits with Airbnb’s mantra of openness and acceptance, and other big brands like Qantas and ANZ have supported this initiative.

by Marine Roux

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