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Western Union redefines customer journey across European POSs

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In 2018, Western Union wanted to understand their consumer journey to transaction within a retail environment in order to identify key consumer touchpoints. Understanding how people interact not just with the Western Union physical space but also its brand identity and visuals both on the exterior and interior of the space are vital to their success in addressing consumer needs and better answering them.


Known the world over as a global money transfer service, particularly within the retail segment, Western Union was on the path to rebranding and transforming into a digital brand. In order to facilitate this process, they needed to redefine their brand values and full customer journey at every touchpoint from online to instore and ensure total alignment across all channels. In order to audit the current process, they needed on-the-ground insights about customer experience all the way from brand interaction to the transactions themselves and exchanges with Western Union staff/retailers. France, and more particularly Paris, was set as the pilot market for this project.


The brand decided to work with Creative Culture in order to gather granular cultural insights. What particularly appealed to the brand was our ability to deploy subject-matter experts on the ground swiftly and effectively. We recruited in-market field researchers based in Paris and equipped them with questionnaires, strategically co-designed by both Creative Culture and the client, in order to help uncover specific insights based on the client’s needs. The experts visited a range of WU-owned and convenience stores over a one-week period acting as dummy customers. They then provided photographic evidence, details from interviews with store managers, and observations of consumer behaviours. A report with key findings was delivered to the client.


Western Union gained a clear understanding of the customer experience throughout physical spaces in Paris, including interactions with owned and non-owned marketing materials. Furthermore, they understood how the POS used brand tools that were provided to them. With photos and detailed, guided observations from expert in-market researchers, Western Union could identify key instore touchpoints for their customers and shape future strategy based on these insights.

Thanks to its extensive network of experts, Creative Culture delivers exceptional in-market insights to international brands that shape future local and global strategy.

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