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How local intelligence can inform multi-market entry






Baby formula brand launches new product range across MEA

Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia
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A leader in baby formula was looking to enter three new markets, namely Egypt, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Key to achieving a successful market entry was to get a better understanding of the competition, packaging and design trends as well as the opportunities within three specific market segments: anti-reflux, anti-diarrhoea & lactose free as well as premature babies.


One of the key challenges for the client was to ensure they could identify a common opportunity for all three markets, which would respond to the worries that local mothers had for their babies but also hit the right note from a visual identity perspective.


In order to respond to the formula brand’s needs, we put together a bespoke team of cultural experts and strategic planners with key expertise in infant nutrition in each of the three markets.

We broke down the project into four key stages, including a mix of desk research alongside expert and consumer interviews. First, we explored the local marketplace and trends when it comes to infant nutrition and the most common requirements for sensitive and gentle milk formulations. Then, we established a picture of the brand’s presence across other segments and its perception locally.

This was followed by a mapping of the competition and their product range as well as a benchmark analysis with detailed recommendations in terms of strategy, positioning and visual identity.

In order to provide relevant and coherent conclusions across all three markets, our teams designed a detailed executive summary with key learnings, recommendations and areas of potential concerns and sensitivities.


We produced detailed guidelines for entry to market with segments that matched local expectations and with the relevant cultural insight to inform strategy and execution further down-the-line, both from a design and messaging perspective. We achieved cross-market consistency yet local relevance for the client’s brand.

Another demonstration of well-informed and cross-checked multi-market insights adding value to a global product launch.

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