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Europ Assistance launches new website for Schengen Visa insurance products

China, France, Germany, Latin, America, Russia
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Europ Assistance (EA), the world’s leading assistance and insurance company, launched a new website to grow online sales of their Schengen Visa insurance products.

Focusing on the period from early 2018, the company aimed to increase the reach and sales of their policies to a wider global target – specifically focusing on China, France, Germany, Latin America and Russia. To do this they needed to drive increased traffic through relevant online messaging.


Key to the site’s success was to improve Europ Assistance and its products’ visibility online, in order to drive sales. To do so, Europ Assistance envisaged localising and optimising website content, as well as creating PPC ads to drive potential clients to the website.

Europ Assistance has a broad range of key target markets, which in turn means that the needs and expectations of potential local customers are also varied. People search differently across markets, therefore Europ Assistance needed to ensure local relevance as well as consistency in its messages and content across cultures. To streamline processes, the company was also looking for a single partner to handle all markets.


Creative Culture devised a three-stage approach:

Firstly, we identified topics of interest across markets and created relevant and engaging content by employing multilingual SEO (keyword research per market, cross-referencing the results of all markets and selecting keywords for blog content optimisation and PPC (SEA) campaign creation).

Secondly, we generated SEO-optimised web content in English to ensure that it would drive traffic to the new site (content creation based on the topics of interest common, PPC (SEA) ad creation and optimisation of the content).

Thirdly, we then offered transcreation and SEO optimisation per market to ensure local relevance and global consistency (transcreation of English content to retain brand tone of voice and optimisation using relevant keywords in the local language).


“What immediately appealed to us about Creative Culture was their ability to handle cross-market challenges by putting cultural insights at the heart of the content and strategies they help to create. They have supported our teams in the roll-out of digital SEO and SEA focused strategies across a range of international markets. They’ve undertaken targeted keyword research for each of the markets and have been crucial in conceptualising and writing blog content to support our SEO strategy. Their writing and local analytical skills are second to none. After a few weeks of setting our SEO campaigns, we’ve already seen great results and promising conversion rates. Their team is very flexible and responsive, I would definitely recommend them as a key partner for cross-market, digital, SEO and content generation projects.”

Elvio Chilelli, Schengen Insurance Product Owner, Europ Assistance

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