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How effective communications engage patients across international markets








How effective communications engage patients across international markets

Canada, France, Germany, UK, USA
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A leading global nursing community, Connecting Nurses, needed to develop a suite of communication tools that allowed nurses to better train their peers, as well as inform and engage patients. These tools are especially important following diagnosis of chronic diseases that require self-injection on the part of the patient. Operating across diverse markets including Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US, Connecting Nurses wanted to develop insightful content for their innovative platform, where nurses can access best practice comms tools, available in a range of formats (videos, print, digital, etc.)


The primary challenge of this project was how to integrate insight from both nurse and patient perspectives, across various countries, and interpret the information to create a set of communication tools. The differences in regulations and cultural perspectives from country to country added an additional layer of complexity to the task at hand.


To address this brief, Creative Culture coordinated various expert teams to generate insight, conduct research, organise and moderate focus groups, copywrite content, as well as produce video and communication tools. We organised focus groups over a six-month period, which gathered the necessary intelligence for the project. Once this was done, we could create the relevant comms tools that ensured equal representation of the target markets. The focus groups were composed of both patients and nurses, which allowed us to collect invaluable insights regarding differences in cultural understandings of healthcare systems and professionals.

Our local-to-global approach allowed us to develop comprehensive and relevant communication tools for nurses and patients that satisfied all key elements of the brief.


With the added value and flexibility of our team of experts, we delivered technical solutions and comms tools of exceptional quality to both the nursing and patient communities.

As Sylvie Coumel, Stakeholder and Advocacy Director of Connecting Nurses, said: “Our collaboration with Creative Culture enabled us to create communication and educational tools around the topic of self-injection. The added value of their methodology, and the excellent moderation skills during the focus groups helped us reach our objectives.”

Another illustration of solid cultural intelligence being used to deliver relevant communication tools, focused on two different target audiences and resulting in improved patient welfare.

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