Ditch Your Keys

Ditch Your Keys

Uber has recently launched a new campaign in South Africa, called 'Ditch Your Keys'.

Owning a car is often associated with convenience, cheaper running costs, the avoidance of public transport and many other advantages. No wonder people are so unwilling to separate themselves from their car keys. The South Africans are no exception. The majority of South African car owners are strongly convinced that having a car at your disposal is the more affordable choice.

However, are South African drivers still of the same opinion when they start experiencing troubles with finding a parking spot at busy shopping malls? Or maybe with filling up the fuel tank? All these and other painful car situations were taken into consideration by Uber when launching a new campaign in the country called ‘Ditch Your Keys’.

The aim of the campaign was to convince car owners to switch to Uber in situations where having a car is not worth it. The strategy involved putting digital screens and billboards containing catch phrases (e.g. 'nobody ever got a speeding ticket from the back seat'), so that they become more noticeable when drivers are experiencing pain points.

As a result, this clever campaign has become a huge success! There was even a case when a female driver almost immediately sold her car and started to use Uber for shopping and going to the gym or work. Would you switch?

By Anastasiya Razhnouskaya

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