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Female Empowerment

Our business vision and mission are deeply rooted into female empowerment

Gender inclusion

At Creative Culture we are proud to be women-owned, certified by WEConnect International, with a nearly exclusively female team from various cultural backgrounds.

Our Founder and CEO Mélanie Chevalier is a worthy winner of the 2021 Female Frontier Awards’ Championing Change category, which celebrates women constantly pushing the boundaries of equality, gender balance, and making dynamic changes within their work. She is a consultative member of  WACL (Women in Advertising and Communication Leadership). Under her leadership, we are very active in promoting DEI and developing pro bono and contractual innovative initiatives to allow brands to successfully navigate complex inclusion pieces within a nuanced and diverse multicultural environment.

Female empowerment and cultural diversity and inclusion are a passion for us. Diversity is what makes humanity and its cultures so fascinating. We fully embrace the need to include the widest diversity of experience, opinion, aspirations and values from our team, stakeholders and partners to create a fully inclusive and collaborative environment in our work.

Among our network of 3,000 connexions globally, we are proud to have a 64% female representation and to help these local microbusinesses grow and gain valuable international experience through exposure with our clients. We are inclusive of all genders and sexual orientations and while there is a strong feminine influence, our ambition is to help support gender inclusion as a whole.

What we say to clients who still need convincing

Why are women so vital in organisations?

A 2015 report by McKinsey & Company’s Global Institute found that narrowing the gender gap could add between $12 and $28 trillion to global GDP.

Company profits and share performance can be close to 50% higher when gender equality is closer at the leadership level and that executive level women have a huge and positive impact on a company’s culture. They are more likely than their male colleagues to embrace employee-friendly policies and programmes and to champion all forms of diversity.

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Proud to be part of organisations which support women


WEConnect International is a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world. By enabling women business owners to compete in the global marketplace, its vision is to help define a world in which women have the same opportunities as men to design and implement business solutions that create wealth and sustainable prosperity for their communities.


Women in Advertising and Communications Leadership is a communications and marketing industry networking organisation that brings together the most senior female leaders in the business. Launched in 1923, it currently consists of 265 of the most senior women from the fields of advertising and communications, marketing, media and associated trade bodies, including our CEO Mélanie Chevalier, who joined the network in May 2021. Their 2020/21 campaigning focus is on flexible working, leading with their call for organisations to commit to being #FlexibleFirst. Flexible working is a primary influencing factor in closing the gender pay gap, ultimately delivering gender equality in our industry and beyond.


From podcasts, articles, to white papers and webinars, we have developed many thought-leadership pieces around gender equality.


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