Emotional Support Chickens?

Emotional Support Chickens

Talking about localisation... Over the holiday period, fast-food chain Popeyes launched an "Emotional Support Chickens" campaign in Philadelphia International Airport.

Travelling during the holidays can be stressful, and Popeyes wanted to be on hand to put a smile back on peoples’ faces. The campaign played on the fact that airlines have been making headlines because of their refusal to let the more unique emotional support animals onto the aircraft – like a peacock and a hamster.

Luckily, travellers passing through Terminal C were able to purchase an “Emotional Support Chicken” – Popeyes’ three-piece chicken tenders combo, served in a chicken-shaped box – as a stand-in to the real deal. And though many airlines were busy updating their support animal policies, Popeyes assured passengers that their chicken would be welcomed on board without any issues.

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