IKEA’s ÖVERALLT collection

IKEA's ÖVERALLT collection

Talking about localisation… Next week, IKEA will launch its ÖVERALLT collection at the Design Indaba Festival, which is held in Cape Town, South Africa.

The collection, which has been over two years in the making, teamed up 10 up-and-coming designers from the fashion, arts, architecture and design industries with five IKEA designers. Together, they worked to create pieces centred around “Urban Rituals”. With the creative and technological explosion that’s occurring across the continent, the team saw the project as an opportunity to explore how these rituals are changing – and how products can best fit into this changing landscape.

Made up of more than forty pieces, IKEA’s first all-African collection will be launched globally in May 2019.

For more great examples of brands collaborating with partners at the local level, check out this blog post.

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