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Are ASMR videos marketing’s new “it” thing?

14th Feb 2019

Did you know…
Autonomous sensory meridian response videos, more commonly known as ASMR videos, have been around for a while, but lately the technique has been popping up in marketing campaigns. But what exactly is ASMR, and is it worth the hype? Creative Culture takes a closer look.

In simple terms, ASMR can be referred to as ‘brain tingles’. In more specific terms, it’s the relaxed feeling that people get in response to a certain stimulus, especially certain sounds. This state of calm is accompanied by a tingling sensation that can run from your scalp down the back of your neck. YouTube is full of videos that use different types of stimuli, from whispering to chewing, and more. With roughly 51 million to choose from, you’re sure to find a video that suits you. This rise in popularity has lead several brands to jump on the bandwagon in the hopes of benefiting from the trend.

Zipping their way into your minds

To celebrate the decision to trademark their signature ‘click’, lighter brand Zippo went all out. First, they teamed up with BuzzFeed to create a video campaign in which BuzzFeed employees make their own ASMR videos for the first time using Zippo lighters. In addition to this collaboration, Zippo also released its own video, in which listeners’ ears are titillated by the sounds of a Zippo – scratching, clicking, igniting, oh my!

And for those who just can’t get enough, the brand released a special range of ASMR lighters. According to their website, “these designs are perfect for tapping, brushing, reflecting and (of course) each and every one can induce auditory euphoria with the famous Zippo ‘click’.”

Zoë Kravitz goes for Pure Gold

For their Super Bowl campaign, beer brand Michelob – part of the Anheuser-Busch family – joined forces with actress Zoë Kravitz to create an ASMR dream. In the video campaign, Kravitz sits at a table in the middle of a valley, surrounded only by the lush green of nature. Beside her at the table are two microphones and a bottle of Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold. Switching back and forth between the microphones like a true pro, she slowly taps and rolls the bottle before treating listeners to the crisp sound of the bottle opening, and the sizzling of the beer hitting the glass. The advert was a stark contrast to the noise and excitement of the American football game.

While these brands aren’t the first, and they certainly won’t be the last, it’s interesting to see what trends are hitting the market this season. Is your brand thinking about getting into ASMR? Check out our services section to see how we can help!

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