Insights into Mexico

Roundtable: Insights into Mexico

03rd Mar 2019

Spotlight on an evolving and growing economy

As the 10th most populous country in the world, Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, after Brazil. The country is experiencing a growing sense of national identity together with a new government that presents new opportunities in a country with huge social, ethnic and economic diversity.

Read what our panel say about their experience and knowledge of the marketplace and what to expect when trading and communicating in Mexico.

With thanks to our great panel of experts and contributors:

  • Milene Hayaux du Tilly, Executive Director at Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain
  • Astrid Barraza, Mexican marketing and internal communications specialist
  • Emma Ferguson, Head of Latin America and the Caribbean, Department for International Trade
  • Yves Hayaux du Tilly, Chairman, Mexican Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain

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