Country Roundtables

Virtual Roundtable: Insights into the UAE

29th Jun 2021

Spotlight on the country with one of the highest proportions of expatriates

The UAE is an atypical market: with a population of 9.5 million inhabitants, and over 88% of them being expatriates from 200 nationalities, what does this mean for foreign brands and investors, and how can this represent an opportunity? Hear from our panel on their experience and knowledge of the marketplace and what global brands can learn from their local counterparts.


With thanks to our great panel of experts:

  • Issam Kassabieh, Head Of Investor Relations for a UAE Real Estate Firm
  • Jonty Summers, Managing Director at Hanover Communications Middle East
  • Vikrant Rohatgi, Head of the Global Strategy Group practice at KPMG Lower Gulf
  • Dina Alsharif, Strategist at Virtue, the agency born from VICE
  • Maeedah Chishti, Regional Brand Manager at Reckitt


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