Consumer Behaviours Webinar

Consumer Behaviour Webinar: beyond traditional demographics

13th Nov 2020

With the exponential rise of digitisation, brands are facing ever more fragmented and complex audiences, who are changing their relationships with those brands across industries.

More than a purchase decision, the relationship is based on shared values, aspirations, reputation and authenticity.

And so, this means that much of our understanding around traditional demographics is no longer relevant or salient.

So how can brands navigate this landscape? What is the most effective way to understand who the target audience(s) is/ are, what they expect and how they behave?

With thanks to our great panel of experts:

  • Karen Saba, Head of Audience Insight Team at Mindshare
  • Massimo de Zordo, former Global Marketing Manager at Lavazza, Reckitt Benckiser, Chelsea FC
  • Will Hanmer-Lloyd, Head of Behavioural Planning at Total Media
  • Jon Puleston, VP of Innovation Profiles Division at Kantar

Watch the teaser

A full video recording of the roundtable is also available if you missed out. Contact us on to receive it.

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