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Cross-cultural webinars

How do global purpose-led brands drive their agenda across local markets?

01st Apr 2022

How do global purpose-led brands drive their agenda across local markets?

Companies and brands are increasingly embarking upon purpose-led journeys which may be new or historic, out of passion or conviction. Purpose-led brands are typically defined as being driven by their core mission and values in order to solve a problem or meet a need that will benefit society.

However, people’s struggles and needs, alongside perceptions of what would benefit society, might vary greatly depending on the country or community.

With that in mind, how can global purpose-led brands fight for change without potentially upsetting local cultures?

In a multicultural society, where is the fine line between being progressive and offensive?

Where does a brand draw a line in order to generate discussions to trigger a change in mindset?

During this conversation with Creative Culture’s CEO Melanie Chevalier, our panelists covered the pitfalls of having a global vision as a purpose-driven company, as well as best practices and success stories.

With thanks to our great panel of experts:

  • Linda Nordgren, Global Vice President, Crisis and Community Management at Oatly
  • Tanja Grubner, Global Marketing & Communications Director at Essity
  • Nicholas Ledner, Communication Officer, Strategic Partnerships at UNICEF

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