Sustainability across cultures
Cross-cultural webinars

Sustainability Across Cultures webinar

17th Sep 2021

Over the past few years, and increasingly during Covid, international brands and companies have been challenged to align their values to more ethical and concrete CSR-driven initiatives. Many use the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a reference point to define their strategy and priorities. However, in a cross-cultural and multimarket environment, the day-to-day priorities and reality of the various markets make it a difficult task for brands to decide on what their priorities should be.

With thanks to our great panel of experts:

  • Jeremy Cohen, Partner, Blurred
  • Ruby Thapar, Reputation and Sustainability Consultant and Executive coach, Ruby Thapar Consulting
  • Chris Flynn, President and CEO, The World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage (WTACH)
  • Lindsay Getschel, Sustainable Development Assistant, AXA XL

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