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Cultural Sensitivity Webinar

09th Nov 2020

Championing diversity from within the marcomms industry

Today, more than ever, brands and their agencies are under the spotlight in terms of the cultural authenticity, relevance and sensitivity of the content they create and the messages they communicate. This means that jumping on the bandwagon and supporting a cause without real purpose and dedication for it can and will backfire. Hear from our experts on the specific intricacies of cultural sensitivities for BAME communities in the UK, why it is important for brands to consider these and where the industry should be heading.

With thanks to our great panel of experts:

  • Oris Ikomi, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Coach and Facilitator
  • Chris Arning, Semiotician and Brand Strategist
  • Sam Phan, Activist and Writer

Watch the webinar highlights


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