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Diversity and Inclusion across cultures webinar: Russia, India and Mexico

08th Jun 2021

Following on from our very successful first webinar exploring the D&I landscape in Brazil, Japan, South Africa, and the US, we hosted on 27 May 2021 the second webinar in our “I is for Invitation” series, focusing this time on Russia, India and Mexico.

In the current climate, ensuring sensitivity, appropriateness and inclusivity is more important than ever. Brands are more and more at risk of being called out and criticised for posting problematic content, delivering the wrong messages, or even making empty claims.

When evolving at an international level, there are risks associated with pushing the D&I agenda without thinking of local cultural sensitivities.

So what does diversity and inclusion look like across different nations and cultures? What are the priorities, sensitive areas, and can a global framework meet all local requirements?

Our panel of experts from Russia, India and Mexico answered some of those questions and provided insights into the diversity and inclusion landscape in their markets.

With thanks to our great panel of experts

  • Anna Reutskaya, Manager Talent, Performance, Inclusion & Diversity at Philip Morris International
  • Rashmi Mandloi, Managing Partner and Head of D&I at BeyonDiversity
  • Beatriz Peña, Founder and CEO of SSPARK Human Innovation


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