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Mind your language: can language be truly inclusive without cultural awareness?

17th Dec 2021

Mind your language: can language be truly inclusive without cultural awareness?

As part of Creative Culture’s ‘I is for Invitation’ webinar series we hosted a event on how DEI, cultural awareness and inclusive language can be applied to internal and external business communications to gain a competitive edge, drive business growth and retain talent.

Not all individuals in an organisation are clear on how DEI can benefit them, which is why the use of inclusive language is sometimes misunderstood or rejected. Therefore, it is critical for HR, DEI, Internal comms and Marcomms teams to work collaboratively and agree on the foundations and overall strategy.

However, within global organisations, the complexity of navigating inclusivity across multiple markets, cultures and languages often isn’t acknowledged.

How can companies leverage culture (corporate culture, country cultures and elements of subcultures) to develop successful inclusive language strategies across markets?

During this conversation with Creative Culture’s CEO Melanie Chevalier, our panelists shared concrete examples of their experience in implementing an inclusive language strategy in their organisation, and highlighted the importance of being culturally-sensitive in a context where global DEI teams face markets with different levels of acceptability.

With thanks to our great panel of experts:

  • Caroline Berns, Head of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Acquisition for Ericsson Middle East and Africa
  • Jennifer Dwivedi, Senior Manager, Digital Content Strategy & Localization at Hyatt Hotels
  • Ana Ribeiro Olson, transcreator, content writer and cultural consultant
  • Christopher Rivera, Global Brand Director, Systane at Alcon

Watch the key highlights

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