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Gender inclusion across cultures

23rd Nov 2020

A closer look at gender inclusion initiatives in 7 different countries across the globe

As the world unites to combat a global pandemic, it still is searching for answers and ways to making it a fairer and more considerate place to live. In this context, various sensitivities around minority groups have resurfaced, pushing many private and public organisations to question how they address these inequalities.

In this white paper, we have decided to focus on gender inclusion and are looking to understand why, in 2020, there still are such disparities and inequalities when it comes to women’s inclusion in the workplace. This paper puts forward the fact that diversity and inclusion (D&I) must be looked at with a cultural lens as a one size fit all approach simply won’t work when operating across international markets. Different cultures have varying levels of maturity on the topic as well as diverging views on what D&I actually means and how it should be tackled.

All varying in their economic wealth and their position on the Global Gender Gap Index 2020, our markets of focus include the United States, Japan, Finland, India, Italy, El Salvador and Saudi Arabia. In each case study, we take a look at the current situation in each nation, what the cultural drivers for it are, and how successful different companies have been at tackling this issue.

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