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Sustainability across cultures: China, India, The US and Sweden

25th Aug 2021

Sustainability across cultures: China, India, The US and Sweden

While some countries may be better positioned to achieve certain sustainability goals, brands and governments have to juggle with the reality of their market – ranging from growth and development to socioeconomics, infrastructure in place, and local cultural aspirations and expectations – to define what their sustainability priorities should be.

Based on a quantitative survey conducted with 4,000 respondents across 4 countries at different stages of their sustainability journey, namely China, India, Sweden and the US, our report aims to understand how culture shapes a population’s understanding and expectations of sustainability and what it means to them. Looking at the SDG Index and the 2021 Ranking, we assessed whether government actions are truly aligned with their people’s expectations, and gathered insights into how brands’ sustainability efforts are perceived.

Thank you to our survey sponsor, Schlesinger Group, as well as our cultural experts for their fantastic contributions.

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