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The Future of Work: is there a culture crisis?

19th Apr 2021

How has COVID-19 impacted corporate culture and how can companies cope with remote working?

Understanding and aligning with the culture of one’s workforce was an intricate matter even before the pandemic. With the move to remote working, this has become even more difficult to delve into and regulate, and not everyone gets the balance right. The ‘new normal’ of distanced communication, the need to constantly adapt to sudden changes, the impact that remote working has had on employee engagement, and the changing relationship between employer and employee, raise concerns as to what this means for the future of not only work, but of corporate culture on a wider scale.

This white paper aims to explore the relationship between national culture and corporate culture, as well as the implications of this for multinational companies, especially in the context of a post-pandemic landscape where remote working and new business models will be more prevalent than ever. How can these companies ensure their corporate culture remains relevant and engaging across cultures in order to maintain a sense of belonging for their employees?

Many thanks to Anique Coffee, Partner at WithinPeople, for her testimonial and for sharing her thoughts on the future of work and how to empower teams, and to our collaborators for their cultural insights: Xiaoying Deng, Divya Khanna, Vijay Parthasarathy, Maria Pastorelli, Marc Wilkinson, Savanna Wilson and Jin Sun Yang.

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