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Mr T as Baracus

I am a warrior but I'm not great on planes
Mélanie, Founder and CEO
MELMy memorable cultural experience:
A ‘temazcal’ is a Mexican spiritual steam room. The idea is to purify the body and mind, and test your mental resistance to harsh conditions. The session I attended took place in complete darkness, in the middle of the woods at night time.

I know where there's a will, there's a way...
Paul, Non-Executive Director
CARLYMy memorable cultural experience:
As a young man spending an entire month guiding over 150 senior level international executives from over 30 different cultures through the history, poetry, music and beauty of the Grampian highlands, in Scotland, whilst also immersing them all in the mystery and craft of producing malt whisky....what an experience and what a job!

A proud froggy who helps the team move along and provides some laughs and songs throughout the day
Julia, Account Director
MELMy memorable cultural experience:
Going for a walk with sunglasses on at 1am in Norway. I travelled there in May and knew midnight sun was spectacular, but I never expected that I would have to wear sunglasses. The view from the Fløyen is truly inspiring.
Tinker Bruce

Failure has a thousand explanations. Success doesn't need one.
Bruce, Finance Manager
MELMy memorable cultural experience:
Attending a Hindu festival in Sri Lanka at the age of seven and watching people barefoot walking across a pit filled with glowing charcoal in honour of the Hindu goddess Draupadi Amman.
Leopold Anna

Let's all get along!
Anna, Bookkeeper
MELMy memorable cultural experience:
As a tourist in Venice during the Venetian Carnival – the most charming time to visit – I was astonished by the grandiosity of all the costumes, colours and music. There, my friends and I met a local who was originally from Russia. He invited us on a gondola ride along the Grand Canal after sunset, where we learned all there is to know about the history of this celebration!
JOY Gaia

Believe you can and you’re halfway there
Gaia, Project Manager
MEL My memorable cultural experience:
Dancing to live Irish music in a typical Dublin dance club. The club’s regular attendees taught me the moves. I was impressed by their welcoming and engaging manners. By the end of the soirée, I was able to master quite a few steps. Discovering this facet of Irish culture was absolutely amazing and fun too!
Giulia Roberts

Creativity is intelligence having fun. That's why I wear funky socks!
Giulia, Project Manager
My memorable cultural experience:
During a trip to Ireland with a friend we decided to visit the lovely fishing town of Howth. When we got to the village, it started pouring rain while we were hiking on the headland. Despite the mud and the wind, I will always treasure the breathtaking views seen on top of those cliffs during that adventure shared with one of my best friends.
Dory Madeleine

Just keep swimming!
Madeleine, Project Manager
My memorable cultural experience:
Camping for a week with a group of friends from all over the world along the beautiful beaches of the heel of Italy.
We learned with and from each other and were captivated at the sight of the most amazing sunsets up on the mountain after long, scenic hikes.
Velma Paola

Paola, Account Manager
My memorable cultural experience:
Travelling by ‘Jeepney’ in the Philippines. Dating back to the American era, the military jeeps have been converted into creatively decorated modes of public transport. Mine was called José and was fabulously red.
When I squeezed in between 20 passengers (and some chickens) I was in for a treat, as we soon left the smog of the city behind and passed through the stunning local countryside.
Lucille Jill

It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.
Jill, New Business Manager
MELMy memorable cultural experience:
Mardi Gras morning, catching coconuts from the Krewe of Zulu parade under the sunshine with my best friends.
So magical!
Winnie the Pooh Louise

Save the bees for more hunny!
Louise, Account Manager
My memorable cultural experience:
Oh, how clean, green and pure Canada is! I knew that they were very into nature but they're so green they actually have food waste bins as standard in the street, and even in hotel rooms!
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