Pink taxis hit the streets of Karachi


Commuting in the crowded city of Karachi, in Pakistan, is often an unpleasant experience for women, especially in some districts in the East, which are rated as the most unsafe ones. According to a recent report, most female commuters face hostility and sexual harassment when using public transport.

In order to tackle the issue and protect female customers, a new initiative has been introduced in the city, which allows women to call the Pink Taxi, a women-only taxi, by phone, mobile app or directly on the street. The taxi drivers include housewives, students and young women, who wear a pink scarf and a black coat as their uniform.

Since lack of safe transportation is one of the reasons why the majority of women in Pakistan do not work, there was certainly a need for such a service, which will also be extended to other cities, including Lahore and Islamabad, in the upcoming months.

By Maria D'Innocenzo

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