Volvo admits its self-driving cars are outsmarted by kangaroos

Self-driving cars

Like many other car companies, the Swedish retailer Volvo is working on launching self-driving cars, which include a “Large Animal Detection system”. This feature is said to identify and avoid deer, elk and caribou. However, when testing the system in Australia, the manufacturer admitted that it cannot adjust to kangaroos’ hopping and movements.

More specifically, the issue seems to be that when kangaroos hop and are in the air, they look further away than they actually are, so that when they land they are actually much closer. This is most definitely an issue considering kangaroos cause more accidents than any other animal in Australia, and are responsible for around 90% of collisions between cars and animals.

Volvo’s managing director, however, explained that testing the concept in various parts of the world was a necessary procedure to further develop the technology. He assures that when Volvo’s driverless cars launch on the market (by 2020) this issue will be resolved.

by Marine Roux

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