The Right to Repair

Right to Repair

Did you know... that recent European proposals around the 'Right to Repair' could affect lighting, television and large home appliance manufacturers? The proposals aim to force the manufacturers’ hand, ensuring that their products are of a higher, more durable quality – and that the parts are easier to repair. At present, some manufacturers insist that repairs by done by their own repair teams, driving up prices. Often, consumers chose to buy a brand-new product rather than dealing with the hassle. Giving the power back to the consumers means that manufacturers lose money, whether it be from repairs or new sales.

On the upside, these changes will help to slow the amount of waste and carbon emissions that are created through the disposal of these cumbersome products. These proposals will come into effect from April 2021, and will apply to manufactured products in the EU, as well as 18 US states.

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