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Would you ever buy a car with no brakes for the sake of saving money? So why have this car crash approach with your global brand's messages?

Getting cross-cultural communications right is a worthwhile investment.

For years, translation has been seen as a commodity and one that should remain cheap. Nowadays, even computers can produce translations so what could possibly go wrong?

A lot of course… particularly when it comes to comms, strategy and creative copy. But creative copy it is not the only usual suspect and some technical and industrial brands have paid the price of underestimating the value of a good transcreation, or rather, the consequences of poor translation.

Besides all of the inefficiencies of this model – wasted initial investment, disengagement and non-compliance from the teams among others – the biggest challenge is that in our ever more digitised world, consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity and brands driven with a human focus. No machine or tech can ever truly reach the same level of cultural understanding to be able to work with intricate linguistic nuances and regional references. Even some humans struggle. It is an art!

Why would you risk disengagement with your target audience and damaging your brand image to then have to crisis manage further down the line, when you could trust an experienced, specialist and senior team of in-market transcreators and copywriters to craft bespoke copy that will resonate with your local audiences and teams?

At Creative Culture, we’ve mastered the art of making the impossible work from one language or culture to another by developing the right processes, nurturing our client service approach and perfecting our quality assurance both in the recruitment of our teams of experts and in the management of client projects. That’s what true transcreation is about.

Mélanie and the team could speak about it for hours but there is a time and a place for it. Why not get in touch and give us the opportunity to identify your needs and bridge the gaps when it comes to translations within your organisation? With the right level of experience both in transcreation but also stakeholder management, there is no problem that can’t be undone and no conflict that can’t be resolved.

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When clients recognise the value of transcreation

Watch our webinar for the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) as CEO Mélanie Chevalier and Stephen McMahon at AXA XL discuss the value of transcreation for global brands. Stephen and Mélanie take a closer look at the real added value of using transcreation across different channels (including social and digital) as well as many of the unexpected consequences (poor) translation can have on a brand's wider teams from budget management to brand reputation, resource inefficiencies and recruitment. This session was designed for a marketing and marketing procurement audience.


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