Stork, peaches, or bamboo – where do babies come from?

where do babies come fromWhen Procter and Gamble started selling their disposable diapers known worldwide as "Pampers" in Japan, it took them a while to realise why the sales didn't meet any of their predictions. The issue stemmed from the age-old question: where do babies come from?

After analysing all the factors, the company discovered what had impacted the sales: it turned out that the packaging had an image of a stork delivering the baby.  Japanese parents couldn't understand the reference which had been "lost in translation" - the tale, commonly known in the Western world, had no use in Asia.

So where do children come from? In Japanese folklore, a popular hero Momotaro came out of a giant peach floating down the river - hence his name, that translates to "Peach Boy".

Another story tells us about Kaguya, a mysterious girl who was found inside a glowing bamboo stick. She revealed that she was a moon princess when she grew up, and had princes competing for her attention.

What should localised packaging look like? With a bit of creativity, linguistic flair and cultural skills, you can cater to any market, after all!

by Katarzyna Kwasniewska

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