Dove’s “Show Us” Campaign


Dove’s “Show Us” Campaign deconstructing beauty stereotypes and shifting to an authentic representation of women

Talking about localisation… brands may not always succeed in speaking to their wider audiences. In the UK alone, 72% of women do not feel represented in media and advertising, which constantly feature unattainable beauty ideals.

Earlier this year, Dove decided to bring about some change in this trend by launching a campaign called ShowUs. The Project #ShowUs aimed to break beauty stereotypes and display the true diversity of women, both in media and advertising.

The beauty giant partnered with the two leading photo companies, Getty Images and Girlgaze, to create the world’s largest library. This features over 5,000 pictures taken by women and non-binary individuals who take pride in sharing their different stories through their photos.

This activation has given women from all over the globe the opportunity to break stereotypes and redefine beauty on their own terms.

According to the Dove research behind this activation, 7 women out of 10 feel constrained to meet unrealistic beauty standard as a result of the constant bombardment by media and advertising giants. This can eventually have an impact on their self-esteem and daily lives.

The Project #ShowUs contributed to raise awareness around the importance of valuing diversity in a way that other brands too started to follow suit.  Mothercare for example launched the "Body proud mums" campaign with mums proudly showing their post-birth mum bodies.


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