Hasbro creates Millennial Monopoly

Millennial Monopoly

Talking about localisation... In late 2018, toy and board game company Hasbro released a new edition of their famous game, Monopoly. Rather than following their normal process of focusing on pop-culture themes like Friends and Game of Thrones, the company decided to take a different approach by focusing on a group of people – millennials. Chock-full of stereotypes, the board game sells experiences in lieu of real estate because, boldly stating ‘Forget real-estate. You can’t afford it anyway’.

When news of the new edition hit the media, its target audience received the news with mixed emotions, with many saying that the game was out of touch and off the mark. However, Hasbro told CNN that, “With many of us being millennials ourselves, we understand the seemingly endless struggles and silly generalisations that young millennials can face (and we can't even!) so we created the game to provide fans with a lighthearted experience that allows millennials to take a break from real life and laugh at the relatable experiences and labels that can sometimes be placed on them."

Whether or not they achieved their goal remains to be seen, but with the game selling out in the lead-up to the holiday season, it certainly got people’s attention.

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