Names matter! What does yours say about you?

Names metter

Because they can say a lot about you and they identify you, names matter. Nowadays, when we hear a name, we usually make assumptions about various characteristics, including age, class and race.

According to a recent study, people whose names are easier to pronounce tend to be evaluated more positively than those with hard to pronounce names. Words have a psychological effect; we tend to make either positive or negative associations depending on our childhood experiences. This not only applies to people, but also to companies or brands names, which can evoke specific images in our mind, that can be either positive or negative.

These associations shape our perception of the brand, and can certainly influence us in the way we feel about it. A brand’s name is what helps us form emotional links with the brand itself, and Apple is a good example of this. Its name is associated with freshness, sweetness and good health, which are all positive attributes that can attract customers, make them curious and willing to remain loyal to the brand if only associated with positive experiences and emotions. The name of a brand is of paramount importance, as it contains the brand’s identity, its personality, its values and its reputation.

Sometimes brand names have been chosen so well that customers call all similar products by the same name. Google for example, apart from China, where it’s blocked, has become the universal term for internet searches. Choosing a memorable name is the first step to success, and it’s really important that it is appealing to the target audience, it captures what the brands stand for, and it can stay relevant over the years.

By Maria D'Innocenzo

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