Our work

  • Virgin Media

    Virgin Media

    The UK, and in particular London, is home to hundreds of cultures and nationalities for whom English is a second language. To build on that idea, Virgin chose to roll out a campaign in Urdu and Polish in the UK to better communicate to their target audience in the country. Creative Culture supported the broadband provider in the transcreation of Continue Reading


  • Cointreau


    Cointreau is a spirits brand that targets young, modern and aspirational women. In 2010, it embarked on a cocktail-led strategy, driven by the fact that Cointreau is the base of many classic cocktails, such as the margarita and sidecar. When it came to targeting the US, their largest market, the brand contacted Creative Culture to assess the relevance of their Continue Reading


  • ANCI


    Every year, ANCI organises the MICAM ShoEvent, an international footwear exhibition. As part of the event, they deliver an award to the photograph or design that best represents “what Italian Footwear is all about”. Designers and photographers from an online community submit their works of art, hoping to win a prize. In order to generate buzz around the campaign, Creative Continue Reading


  • Connecting Nurses

    Connecting Nurses

    Connecting Nurses is an international exchange platform that was created for the nursing community. It provides professional resources for its members around the world. Creative Culture organised several focus groups gathering nurses and patients from Canada, France, Germany and the US to discuss challenges around self-injection and how nurses can provide further support to patients to increase adherence to treatment. Continue Reading


  • Felix


    Creative Culture supported London-based consultancy Beaconbrands in generating product and category names across a range of European markets for pet food brand Felix. The challenge on this project was to come up with variations in English that would also resonate in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Our teams of local copywriters were tasked with assessing and generating names that were Continue Reading


  • Sony


    Sony Professional Solutions Europe provides an array of innovative solutions to businesses in a range of industries, from cinemas to universities and broadcasting. In order to promote the latest innovations and product launches, Sony PSE primarily communicates via digital channels: newsletters, emailing, website, etc. Creative Culture was brought in to transcreate ongoing digital campaigns, setting streamline processes and working tools Continue Reading


  • Mutti


    Creative Culture is proud to have adapted the latest Mutti website into more than 10 European and Asian languages. Predominantly composed of brand content and delicious recipes, it is a real gold mine when it comes to Italian tomato-based cuisine. More than a simple translation exercise, there was a real need to adapt the recipes and cultural references to meet Continue Reading


  • Renault


    In 2010, Renault was looking to enter the Indian market for the first time as the Renault brand (vs. its former local distributor name). Creative Culture gathered insight on various local cultural, consumer and marketing trends in order to support their brand awareness campaign. This included topics such as celebrity endorsement, local events and celebrations (to identify favourable times to Continue Reading


  • Nokia


    To launch the Lumia smartphone range, Nokia rolled out a 360° global campaign around the concept of "The Amazing Everyday", illustrating how daily life can be fun and exciting, particularly when technology enhances relationships and experiences. But who’s to say that Brazilian and Chinese consumers find the same things exciting? In this cultural proofing exercise, Creative Culture's teams of experts Continue Reading